Monday, August 18, 2008

THE LATEST...nose vacuuming, laryngitis and other fun stuff

Today is my 7 week anniversary for illness. Yeah! Yippee! Happy Anniversary to me...

After 5 antibiotics I am still fighting this infection. There have been many blessings in this journey, one of the main ones being my ENT (translation: the sick singer's best friend!) Dr. Chenault has been incredible. He is one of those doctors that wants you to be well as much as you want to be well. My checkup was Friday, and after looking in my nose he paused and stared at the floor, looking visibly disappointed, and said I was still sick with a nasty infection on my right side. Precious! I just wanted to hug him for taking this so seriously. Anyway, he extended my antibiotic (Leviquin, ugh, my tummy's enemy!) and said I am to return in 2 weeks. If I am still sick, he will do a culture, CAT scan and possibly a "procedure" afterwards (during which I will be asleep!).

Did I mention he vacuumed my nose? Not something I desire to experience ever again.
We are praying for complete healing in the next week, so as to avoid any "procedure," scan or anything else.

To add to the situation, this morning I woke up with no voice. And I mean NO voice. It turns out that having no voice as a singer can be a bit frustrating. (haha!) My kick-off for adult choir is tonight, and children's choir is next week...our new contemporary service (in which I am singing, Adam is leading) starts this Sunday. Not a good time to have no voice!

Would you please pray for complete healing? For my voice to return and my nose to clear?

I am well-aware that in the world of sickness this is no biggie...I have thanked God many times that my ailment is not serious. But it is lagging, and I am ready to return to normal life. :)

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lyric!

Today is our little baby's 6 month birthday.  I can't believe we have had her for 4 months!  Lyric Melody has been so much fun.  We have become one of those couples that we used to make fun of; you know, the couples with no kids that treat their puppy like a child.  She is our pride and joy!  And we are unashamed.  :)  I always got a kick of out of seeing Ginger--the dog I grew up with--open gifts, so we decided to wrap a few new toys for Lyric and let her go to town.      Note: This was also our first mattress weekend since Lyric joined our little family, so that is why there is a mattress in our living room.  She has adjusted well to the large bed and loves mattress weekends as much as we do!

Opening her first gift...

A new toy to fetch and squeak!

And a new frisbee!  Her first one, sniff sniff.  :)  Lyric loves to put her toys together and play with more than one at a time.  It cracks us up.

She's a fan of the frisbee!  Can't quite catch it in the air yet, but we will get there eventually!
Our gift to ourselves was this new storage bin for Lyric's food.  Airtight=no smell in the pantry!  And the best part?  (see next pic)
The food scooper stores inside the lid!  Adam was so wowed by this we decided to we had to have it.  We both love new storage things...
After playing with her new frisbee outside it was time for her 
birthday bath and a nice nap in daddy's arms...
We love you, Lyric!  Thanks for bringing so much joy and life into our home.  You are precious!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Today Is the Day

(Clint played matchmaker with Adam and I 7 years ago...
the three of us were in a band together.
This pic was taken during our visit with him 2 weeks ago.)

that our precious friend Clint will ship off to Iraq for the next 7 months.  I just confirmed that he is indeed leaving today, and wanted to ask my blog friends and family to pray for him 

Will you pray for 2nd Lieutenant Clint Eubanks? Would you also lift up his parents, B.J. and Phil, and his brother, Travis?

Clint is in the Marines and will be patrolling the streets--pretty much the most dangerous job over there right now. Please pray for his protection, for peace and joy, and also that he would continue to impact his 40 marines for Christ. Clint's desire is that these young men (many 19 or 20 years old) would see that his life is different and would want to know the God--the one true God--that Clint knows. That's Clint for ya.

Please pray.

Lyric kissing Uncle Clint