Thursday, October 16, 2008

Can You Tell What This Is?

Lyric always follows me around, and if she leaves my side (which is rare) it's almost always to do something naughty.  Anyway, a while ago I was packing and getting ready to leave town for my brother's wedding.  After a while I realize Lyric is missing, and upon finding her I see that she has managed to fit an entire hanger around her body.  Instead of running (her typical response when she has stolen something), she just sits and stares at me, stuck and guilt ridden, as if she knew there was no way out of this without momma's help!  Ah, I love my pup.

She hasn't touched a hanger since.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Latest Randomness

I can't believe it is already October 14th! Where does the time go? Why do I say that every month? I don't have much to say, but here's the latest...

  • I went to a conference in Charleston, South Carolina last week. I had a blast meeting other worship leaders and Kids Choir Directors...I even met the woman who wrote the 2nd musical I was in when I was 8 years old! That was an amazing moment. The trip was 6 days long, and if you know me, then you know that by day 3 I was dying to be home again. I LOVE traveling with Adam, but I HATE being away from him for longer than a day! It is pitiful and kind of embarassing...but I just thank God that I desire to be with him that much. I just can't get enough of him.

  • Miracle of miracles, it actually feels like fall here! We had our first cold front after Ike, which was a huge blessing since we had no power that week. God's timing is perfect!

  • My latest challenge is working on my guitar skills. I have been leading worship for my kiddos on Wednesday nights and it has really stretched me. Adam has been incredible, teaching me new chords every week and helping me figure out good guitar strums (my rhythms tend to be a bit "campy" and cheesy--my punky husband is helping me phase that out!) I freak out every night before I play, but then the music starts and my nerves calm down. The callouses on my fingers help too...before I had those, my fingers were in so much pain!

  • I have decided that I am head over heels for my puppy and 100% willing to admit it. I went through a season of wondering "Is this normal? Am I over the top?" Really, I just don't care anymore...I have become a dog owner who is obsessed with snuggles and playtime...she is my therapy!

  • This Thanksgiving I get to see my sis-in-law Lindsay's new home and play with my nephews for almost a week! I think about it at least once a day...we love Nashville and are always rejuvinated from our time with Neal and Lindsay. Can't wait!

  • I started my sugar-free diet again yesterday. After 7 antibiotics this summer, it was time for my body to get a good cleansing. I have actually grown to enjoy eating this way...after doing it in February and March, I rarely cheated b/c I grew so accustomed to it. Anyways, here's to veggies, fruit and lean protein! Good-bye sweets, potatoes, bread, sauces and anything else with sugar, hello to healthy fats and veggies with every meal!

  • I am in BSF again this year and loving our study of Moses. The words of God to Moses are incredible...I am humbled as I realize over and over that the God who parted the sea and sent forth water from the rock is the same God who listens to my prayers every day and walks with me. He is so good. I have missed the Old Testament and am savoring this in-depth study of it.
That's all for now...