Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trucks and Tutus!

We found out Tuesday that we are having a girl and a boy! We are so grateful that they are growing and thriving. My Dr. said complications with twins tend to surface at 20 weeks, and thankfully everything looks great so far! The pics of our little ones...

Baby A, our sweet girl

A 4D pic of her :) So in love with that precious face!
Baby B, our precious boy
Another view of our little man from the back, love those ears!!!! (He was covering his face in his 4D pic, so I thought this one was a better view.)

Baby girl weighs 12 oz., and baby boy is at 10 oz. Our girl will most likely be the oldest (haha)--she is closest to my cervix and will come out before her brother. We had a blast watching them during the one point her little booty kept pressing down on his chin, and he was constantly moving around to get away from her hiny. I told her that was the only time it was ok for her to push and shove on her brother, haha! I just love that they have each other in there...I can't wait to see how they interact and play together. The ultrasound tech said our girl had long legs, and his legs were on the shorter side. Does anyone know why we would get a kick out of that?!?! :)

Thank you for all the prayers for my health and our precious babies!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blue or Pink or Both?

Tomorrow we find out if Baby A and B are boys or girls or both. We are so excited to see them again--8 weeks has felt like forever! Adam and I call the ultrasounds "Watson Family Time." While we know the babies are with us all the time, we just love seeing them, talking to them and watching what they are doing. I can't believe we are already nearing the 20 week mark at the end of this week. It has truly flown by. Here's to more Watson Family Time in the morning!