Wednesday, September 23, 2009


"I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him."
1 Samuel 1:27

Coming this spring, life at the our house will radically change as we welcome two babies into our family! We found out in July that we were expecting, and a few weeks later, we were thrilled to hear there were TWO little babies in my belly. I can't wait to meet them!
My sweet parents have offered to buy our cribs, so we went crib shopping with them...we are standing by our favorite, but I'm ordering it in a different color (antiqued soft white).
My mom loves to talk to the babies. She has done this since the day we found out I was pregnant. I love to talk to them too, I just think it is hilarious when she does it. I can't wait to see my parents with our kiddos!
The love of my life, trying out the rocker we liked. How this man has nurtured me these last 3 months! My sickness gave laziness and "dead to the world" a whole new meaning. I have joyfully been in survival mode, making it to work and back home to nap in the midst of daily migraines, nausea and a sinus infection that won't let go. But no complaints here--what a thrill it is to be sick for these two. Take whatever you need from me, kids!
Adam has been amazing. I LOVE YOU!!
Today we are heading out to buy the cribs and furniture. Crazy. This week I am 15 weeks along. I am due in March (18th or 19th) but my doctor said he will be happy if we make it to February.

I still can't believe this has happened. After years of asking the Lord for a child and finally surrendering that desire to whatever He had planned, we are here. In awe. Blessed beyond measure...beyond what we could ever have imagined. God has taught us so much about walking with Christ. We struggled with understanding why we weren't getting pregnant...we searched His Word for some sort of promise or encouragement concerning children. Know what we found? Promises and encouragement concerning HIM. Jesus. Our All in All. And we learned, month by month, that our lives on this earth weren't about getting what we wanted, even if that desire was something holy and good like children. Our lives should be about walking with Jesus and making Him known. We decided to say "Lord, we will serve You and love You for the rest of our lives, whether or not this journey leads us to kids. Our life may look different than we hoped, but our life here on earth isn't about us." I doubted I could ever bear children. There was no explanation medically. No reason for us to take this long. We became passionate about adoption and began to look into agencies near us. But what guarantee did we have that adoption would bring us our child? None. No assurance in the circumstance, whether getting test results from a doctor or researching adoption.

Our assurance was and is only in Jesus.

It is all about HIM.

To God be the glory.


This weekend we had a blast going with Dick (our dear friend, mentor and boss:) to see Grease downtown. We started with a dinner at the Barbeque Inn which was delicious! It is an adorable restaurant that has had the same menu since it opened in early 1970's. The decor is the same, the waitresses dress the same...and the food is incredible! I had chicken fried steak that seriously rocked my face off so much I ate almost the entire thing. Delish.

Taylor Hicks played the role of Teen Angel in Grease and he was awesome! His stage presence was great, and his voice fit the song "Beauty School Dropout" to a tee. What a night! Thank you so much Dick for taking us back a few decades. We loved every minute!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We're Back...

After a seriously long blog break, we are back! A busy spring turned into an even busier summer, and my focus went to my family, friends visiting in town, the church, and of course most of all, these two...