Friday, February 27, 2009

That's Sick

A day after I told my friend Nicki I hate throwing up, I woke up extremely nauseous and proceeded to throw up everything in my body. Go figure. A doctor's visit, 2 shots and one very patient husband later, I am feeling better but still really weak. I hate stomach viruses! Yuck! Thankfully, Adam is not sick, and my fever has broken. There's some nasty stuff floating around out there, so keep washing your hands, friends! I'm off to drink some more Gatorade...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Week

So I have to admit, I am crazy about Valentine's Day. Our first date was February 14, 2001, so the date holds a really special memory for us. I had given up on Adam ever pursuing me--we had been friends for almost a year, and although I knew I was crazy about him, I was determined to never let him know my feelings. I figured if he wanted me, he could come get me without any persuasion! After months of praying, he asked me for our first date, which ended up being Valentine's Day. An RA at the time, I was on duty that night in the dorm, so Adam brought me dinner from Waco--a roast (that his mom had made, hilarious!), rice and green beans. We reheated it in my dorm room microwave, ate dinner, watched Ed (anyone remember that show?) and he held my hand for the first time. Ahhhhh, heaven on earth!

I will never forget walking down my dorm room hallway to let him in the dorm. The Adam I knew had long hair (to his chin, shaved underneath, and interesting style for my punk rocker). That night, he had cut his hair just for our date! It was adorable (I admit, I squealed when I saw much for not letting on...but hey, he had already asked me out, right?) Anyways, he stood there holding a box of chocolates and three red roses. I was tickled he got me anything on our first date, but I wondered, why three red roses? Why not one, or a dozen? Three? Later that evening he gave me a card that I will cherish it he said I might be wondering why he chose three roses...he said they symbolized the three of us in this new relationship--him, me and the Father. I remember my knees weakened when I read his sweet message. Seriously? Is he really this amazing? I was in a happy state of awe and shock.

10 months later on December 14th, Adam asked me to be his wife. Because the 3 roses had been special to us, Adam designed my ring to reflect that first night. My engagement ring was a solitaire, symbolizing God. When we got married, my wedding band placed a diamond on each side, standing for each of us, with God at the center of our marriage.

We were married the following June, and I have loved every minute! Our tradition on Valentine's is to eat a dinner at home together, just like we did that first night. Sometimes I will cook a roast, although this year, Adam wanted to give me a break from cooking so we picked up BBQ. Sweet man. Add a mattress weekend to the mix and I call that a great Valentine's.  We stretched it out and celebrated all week long, ending with a date night out last night.  Love you, honey!  Thanks for a great week.