Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Song Has a New Lyric

Hi everyone, guest blogger Adam here.  I wanted to write and explain all the incredibly cute pictures you are about to see.  After about 5 years of holding off the urge to get a puppy, we caved.  I have bad allergies to most things you can imagine, so I haven't wanted to "contaminate" the house with stuff that would make me miserable.  But Laura just really wanted something to cuddle and even I think puppies are just too darn cute.  We went to check out the cockapoo breeder and we quickly deemed the little suffering worth it.  We had a couple of choices of puppies, but it quickly became obvious which one was right for us.  The three puppies were playing with each other a lot, but one kept leaving the pack and coming over to cuddle with us.  She kept laying next to me and snuggling up to me.  She knew how to work it. I even stuck my nose in her fur and didn't sneeze (breakthrough!).  So we chose her and she chose us.  Money changed hands and we drove home with a new little furry bundle.  After just a few days, we are totally taken with her, and I don't even mind the 3 am potty trip 'cause she's so cute when she's half awake.  We think she's brilliant of course since she is already potty training and responding to "No" and her name.  We named her Lyric, in honor of her musician parents.  

We found out today that she has tracheo bronchitis (kennel cough), which can be dangerous for puppies, but we caught it early.  So please pray for her to recover.  It's ironic that she has bronchitis since Laura and I get that at least once a year as a rule.  We're not as cute when we cough up snot, though.  

Choosing our pup
She's the one!  Snuggling with Adam after wooing him.

Lots and lots of kisses :)

Time to go home for the first time!

Whew, what a day!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sister!

Today is my sister-in-law Lindsay's birthday.  I am so blessed to have her for my sister...and humbled that God would bring me not just an amazing husband, but through him and his great brother Neal, the sister I have always wanted!  In honor of Lindsay and how much she means to me, I just had to list a few (and I mean, this is just the beginning of the list) reasons I love her so much...

Lindsay is an amazing mother.  She has the perfect combo of constant love and Biblical discipline of her boys.  She doesn't do what I think of as "over-mothering;" she is always there for them and tends to their every need, but at the same time remains so laid back and calm.  I want to model her when I have my own one day!

She is an incredible decorator, with an eye for color and coordination that I learn so much from!  I always take mental notes when I am at her beautiful, warm home.  Everyone feels comfortable and welcome at Lindsay's house, because she knows how to create an inviting place and has such a gift of hospitality.  I love it.

She is a faithful, loving wife.  Lindsay is so supportive of Neal and joyfully keeps things at the house going--thriving--while he works.  With three kids, life can get crazy, but I have never heard a complaint, always joy and thankfulness for the kids God has given her.  I think of Proverbs 31:11, "Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value..."

Lindsay is also a true friend.  She listens, shares from her wisdom and wealth of experience, holds things in confidence, laughs when your laughing, cries when you are suffering, carries others burdens, faithfully prays...I know she is a blessing to all who know her.

Loves to plan!  I love that Lindsay thinks ahead and organizes everything.  Again, you should see her house--so organized.  When I needed to cull out things in January, I called her for advice.  It helped so much!  The Container Store should consult her for advice!

Is an amazing artist, especially in photography.  Whenever we have a long visit, we love to go have a photo shoot with her.  Pictures she took of Adam and I hang all over our house, and we used some for our Christmas card this year.   Many people wanted to know where we had them done, and I told them Watson Photography did all the work.  I picture her one day--in the right season, probably when the kids are a little older--setting up an incredible photography business.  She really has a gift.

And last but MOST important, Lindsay loves Jesus with her whole heart, mind and soul, and it shows in every aspect of her life.  She has suffered and stayed faithful, trusting...she has seen the Lord carry her through a tough tough year, and continued to give Him praise despite great confusion and pain.  Is that not the essence of the Christian life?  We will suffer, but we have hope because of Christ...to live is HIM...Lindsay is an example of that, and I thank God for her obedience and love for Jesus.

Lindsay, I love you and hope you have an amazing day!  You are a gift from God to all of us.

Loving on Gabe

Pregnant with little Luke in December
(trusting the Lord day by day to heal him, and He did, praise God!)

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Please pray for our Memaw (Adam's grandmother, his dad's mom).  She went into the hospital yesterday thinking she pulled a muscle, and now she is in ICU with blood clots around her heart.  She is not responding well to blood thinners and is quite concerned (who wouldn't be?).  We are so grateful for our praying friends--please pray for her health as well as for her sons, Mike and Wayne--that they would know how to be there for her and help her right now, and for peace as well.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Adam and I had a wonderful trip in March visiting our family in Louisiana.  We started our visit with a trip to see his Memaw, who was recovering from surgery in Monroe, LA.  She was such a trooper--we were so impressed with her positive attitude as she continued to heal and prepared to move to a rehab facility.  Then we headed over with Lynn (Adam's mom) to see his other grandmother in Winnfield.  We were also able to catch up with our cousins Rachel and Jason, and their precious daughter, Kate, as well as Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Helene.  I grew up in Louisiana, a different part, but still Louisiana, and I love going back.  It stirs up so many memories in me, and I always manage to get my hands on some amazing fried catfish!  We enjoyed walking around Grandmother's beautiful yard (her flowers are incredible!), playing with Kate on her swing set, eating Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Helene's amazing cooking and catching up with everyone.  We stopped by Nacitoches on our way back home...it is a sweet small town that has wonderful shops and fun places to eat.  There are always flowers in bloom and sometimes a live band playing on the street.  I always feel like I am in a classic American town when I am there--or like I'm on the set of Gilmore Girls.  Anyways, its claim to fame is that it is where the movie Steel Magnolias was filmed.  And I really saw a salon named Curl Up and Dye on our way back to Houston.  No joke.  Ok, enough talking, on with the pics...:)
Kate playing chase with Adam
Wrapping up Aunt Lynn
Flowers from Grandmother's garden

Jump rope with Kate
My hottie hub :)

Like mother like daughter...Rachel and Kate

Eating in Nacitoches

The live Irish band by the river

Ice cream with grandmother

Friday, April 11, 2008

Patriot! (and Kelly and Josh, too! :)

Our friends Kelly and Josh stopped by our house recently on their way back from a wedding in Louisana.  We had a blast catching up with them and playing with their 10-month old son Patriot.  He is such a cutie!  

I love those big eyes!
Sweet mom Kelly, me and Pate

I think I look kind of evil in this picture, but Patriot's smile is so cute!!

Come back anytime, guys!  We loved having you here.  :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Allergies? Cold?

I have been sick since Sunday with either a nasty cold or allergies that are so bad they have caused a fever for a few days.  Ugh.  I even had trouble sleeping last night--for me, that is the last straw!  Don't mess with me and my sleep.  My throat is either itching or burning, my body and head hurts, my nose is a leaking faucet and I started coughing this morning.  I can barely talk or sing without my voice cracking, so teaching has been a blast.  As soon as I start to think it is a cold, I sneeze or itch my eyes and then revert back to allergies.  Anyone else feeling this awful?  I love this flowering season, but seriously!