Sunday, April 13, 2008


Adam and I had a wonderful trip in March visiting our family in Louisiana.  We started our visit with a trip to see his Memaw, who was recovering from surgery in Monroe, LA.  She was such a trooper--we were so impressed with her positive attitude as she continued to heal and prepared to move to a rehab facility.  Then we headed over with Lynn (Adam's mom) to see his other grandmother in Winnfield.  We were also able to catch up with our cousins Rachel and Jason, and their precious daughter, Kate, as well as Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Helene.  I grew up in Louisiana, a different part, but still Louisiana, and I love going back.  It stirs up so many memories in me, and I always manage to get my hands on some amazing fried catfish!  We enjoyed walking around Grandmother's beautiful yard (her flowers are incredible!), playing with Kate on her swing set, eating Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Helene's amazing cooking and catching up with everyone.  We stopped by Nacitoches on our way back is a sweet small town that has wonderful shops and fun places to eat.  There are always flowers in bloom and sometimes a live band playing on the street.  I always feel like I am in a classic American town when I am there--or like I'm on the set of Gilmore Girls.  Anyways, its claim to fame is that it is where the movie Steel Magnolias was filmed.  And I really saw a salon named Curl Up and Dye on our way back to Houston.  No joke.  Ok, enough talking, on with the pics...:)
Kate playing chase with Adam
Wrapping up Aunt Lynn
Flowers from Grandmother's garden

Jump rope with Kate
My hottie hub :)

Like mother like daughter...Rachel and Kate

Eating in Nacitoches

The live Irish band by the river

Ice cream with grandmother


Lindsay said...

I wish we had been there with you guys. Sometime, we will have to all get out there at the same we've been talking about doing for years! I love you!

Kim and Eric said...

Glad that y'all had a good time visiting family! Hope that your week is great! Kim

Amy said...

Hey, thanx for dropping by our site! I never knew you lived in Louisiana... when did your family move to Houston?
Looks like you had fun on your trip! We just got back from an extended trip to Hawaii and are pooped but had a great time.
I enjoyed looking through your slideshow!

Bonnie said...

Looks like yall had fun. My grandmother just moved back to Houston after living in Rayville, LA (close to Monroe) for almost 30 years. LA is close to my heart too!