Saturday, September 30, 2006

Yummy Cracker Barrell!

Today started out so lovely with a late breakfast at Cracker Barrell. We have started a new tradition--every few weeks we roll out of bed and go out for breakfast. It is so much fun, and delicious! Their pancakes are out of this world (you can really taste the butter in those things!), and I love just drinking cup after cup of coffee. There's something special about having a date out in the morning, before the day has gotten away from us and exhaustion takes over. We fill each other in on things that happened during the week that we were just too tired to talk about when we got home at night. I also love escaping from all the things I need to do at the house. I CHERISH my time at home (we are definitely homebodies), but since I work full-time and Sundays are spent at the church, naturally Saturday becomes catch up day for laundry, cleaning, yard work, the list goes on...if I'm not home, I can escape from letting it take over my day! Adam is so good about making sure I get time off from everything and just get to unwind. So yeah for Cracker Barrell breakfasts and early dates with my sweetie!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy Birthday, Boo!

There's nothing like celebrating someone's birthday a month late...especially when it's a suprise! The party lasts all month (except they don't know that, but oh well!) I threw my sweet Boo (Adam) a surprise party for the big 2-6. Yes, Adam has officially crossed over to the late twenties, and I am not too far behind. I came up with the party idea last minute, but our friends were amazing--all but a few were able to come AND kept it a secret! We took him out to dinner, and ended up at Trish's to "hang out." Adam was shocked--it was so awesome! I was worried he might catch on, but he had no idea! I was so excited, I just kept jumping up and down like a silly fool. Anyway, Happy late Birthday, Adam. You are the best, and I love you!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Caring About CareNet...

Well, let me just start by saying I have not been a good fear of not knowing how to post pictures and well, let's face it, out right laziness has kept me from being a faithful member of the blog family. But alas, here I am, and I will try to do better!

A couple of weeks ago Adam and I sang at the CareNet banquet here. It was such a special night...they were celebrating 15 years of ministry, and asked me to sing because I first trained there in high school as a volunteer, back in 1998. We sang 3 songs: A Grateful People (Watermark, from their last album), Field of Souls (a Watson original, thanks Wayne) and Give It Away (old Michael W. Smith song, great lyrics!) My wonderful doctor, Dr. Moore, was honored for serving on the medical board since the center opened and for providing their ultrasound machine. It was so moving to hear about what God has done through the ministry over the years. It made me miss CareNet in Waco so much, with all my dear friends and the amazing clients! I enjoyed looking back on my time there and praising God for such an amazing and vital ministry.

They did a couple of really cool things during the evening. One thing I loved was the decor--they had a professional photographer (who donated their talents) take pictures of clients' children, and their black and white photos decorated all the tables. When I walked in and saw the dozens of tables covered in striking photographs, I was immediately moved! It was awesome! They also hung 10,000 lights across the stage, each light representing each client they have seen over the years. Among the white lights were red lights strewn throughout, which symbolized those who had accepted Christ while at CareNet. Wow, talk about effective! They turned the lights on right before we sang Field of was a really neat moment. We found out that they had a record night financially, with more money given than ever before. With a huge increase in their services, they had a dire need for more support. Thank you, Lord, for always providing what we need!

I am so thankful for the ministry of CareNet, both to the clients they see and the effect it had on my life in Waco. God is so good!