Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy Birthday, Boo!

There's nothing like celebrating someone's birthday a month late...especially when it's a suprise! The party lasts all month (except they don't know that, but oh well!) I threw my sweet Boo (Adam) a surprise party for the big 2-6. Yes, Adam has officially crossed over to the late twenties, and I am not too far behind. I came up with the party idea last minute, but our friends were amazing--all but a few were able to come AND kept it a secret! We took him out to dinner, and ended up at Trish's to "hang out." Adam was shocked--it was so awesome! I was worried he might catch on, but he had no idea! I was so excited, I just kept jumping up and down like a silly fool. Anyway, Happy late Birthday, Adam. You are the best, and I love you!

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Nicki W. said...

ahhh! Happy Birthday, Adam! He is now in good old company with me!
Your friends look beautiful and so do you--beautiful church celebrities ;) I am always inspired by your ethusiastic ways that you love Adam!