Wednesday, September 23, 2009


This weekend we had a blast going with Dick (our dear friend, mentor and boss:) to see Grease downtown. We started with a dinner at the Barbeque Inn which was delicious! It is an adorable restaurant that has had the same menu since it opened in early 1970's. The decor is the same, the waitresses dress the same...and the food is incredible! I had chicken fried steak that seriously rocked my face off so much I ate almost the entire thing. Delish.

Taylor Hicks played the role of Teen Angel in Grease and he was awesome! His stage presence was great, and his voice fit the song "Beauty School Dropout" to a tee. What a night! Thank you so much Dick for taking us back a few decades. We loved every minute!


Chris & Kim said...

I love both Taylor Hicks and Grease! Sounds like you all had a great time!

Kim and Eric said...

How much fun!!! Glad that you got to go and that you had a fun time at the Barbeque place! Love you.

Rebecca said...

For a brief second, I thought that was Don Ingvardson. (SP?) HA!!!!!!