Monday, July 02, 2007

Weekend in Waco: Babies Everywhere!!

Last Thursday we were finally able to make it to Waco to see Kelly and her new baby, Patriot. We still hadn't seen Nicki and Tristan, or Amanda and Gracie, and in less than 24 hours we were able to see all three moms and all three babies! Everyone was so great to find time in their schedule to fit us in, especially when it was so last minute. We had a blast spending the night with Josh and Kelly...she is such an amazing mom, and wow, what a journey in parenthood they have had already! Patriot was 4 and 1/2 weeks early and in and out of the hospital a couple of times before they were able to settle in at home (their new home, by the way, that they had yet to move into. Kelly went into labor after signing the papers on their new house!) I can't imagine that...recovering from a surprise labor and delivery, and then not even settling in at home until a week later. But no complaints from Josh and Kel! They just went along for the ride and gave God all the glory. Patriot was just precious, and Kelly was so sweet to let me hold him after EVERY feeding. I was in heaven holding him, and stayed up with her until 2 a.m. Thursday night just talking and laughing at the precious things Patriot does. Ok, enough babbling, here are some pics from the 24-hour trip...I was especially touched at how much Adam enjoyed holding him, too!
Beautiful new mom, Kelly and Patriot
Sweet baby Patriot

Nicki and Tristan (I LOVE how much these two look alike! So precious!)

Handsome Tristan

Amanda and Gracie

Adam snuggling with Patriot

Me snuggling with Patriot (these were my favorite moments, I have to admit!)
There was a common thread I saw amongst all of the young mothers--all of them were radiantly beautiful. I mean striking. Motherhood fits them...they all seemed to have blossomed into this new season of their lives, with beautiful babies in their arms. Whether staying up all night constantly feeding their child (shout out to Kel here:), tending to their baby while dad is out of town (Amanda, way to go!) or stopping by in the midst of errands, working out and seeing Grammy (Nicki, I still can't believe how great you looked first thing in the morning running around! How do you do it? With a 4 month old?!?!), they all looked incredible and joyful to be moms. It was so special to see them and to see their little ones!


Nicki W. said...

you have the spiritual gift of encouragement! i always leave you feeling so good about myself :) i know you are blessing hundreds of people the exact same way in good ol' houston. needless to say, the short visit made me miss my friend. it also made me think you are a natural at the whole mommy thing ;) ;) tristan adored you! what a flirt!!!!

lauren said...

I loved this post! I am partial because I know two of the moms, but those are some of the CUTEST babies ever! What a fun weekend! I agree, motherhood suits them. There is something so beautiful about motherhood. Btw, how do you know Nicki and Kelly? I've been trying to figure it out! Oh, and about the wedding dress, I'm with you on that. I was one of the very few of all my friends to wear straps. I loved having a little strap on mine!

laura said...

I worked with both of them at Care Net about 3 years ago! We bonded, and then Adam got his first full-time job in the ministry and we moved. :( We loved Waco, and we miss our friends!

lauren said...

Ahh! Well, maybe y'all will move back one day?!

Nicki W. said...

actually, i knew you BEFORE carenet, thru angie allen. then we were in a prayer group together

laura said...

Nicki, you are right! That slipped my mind. Angie introduced us one afternoon at Care Net, and then we were in Bible study, and then you came on staff. Ahh, Angie! I miss them! Another beautiful mom with a beautiful baby. Thanks for reminding me of that connection! :)

Nicki W. said...

you bet!! i loved seeing ya'll! i hope you come again soon...we need to have more time to re-connect!

Katie said...

How fun to get to love on some cuties!!!

laura said...

We hope to come again soon, too. It would be great to hang out some more and really have time to catch up! I'm so glad I got to see you, and Tristan is amazing!