Saturday, January 19, 2008

Spring Cleaning in January?

We had our carpets cleaned yesterday and the house feels so fresh! Since we were getting the carpets done, we went ahead and vacuumed out our closets and high ledges all over the house, even wiping off some door frames. I'm so inspired I've decided to just do my spring cleaning a bit early this year...I've reorganized my bathroom cabinets, cleaned out my closet (complete with new boxes from the Container Store...I'm such a dork, I just love that kind of stuff!), taken donations to NAM, cleaned out the filing cabinet (Adam made that happen), reorganized my Christmas decorations, tidied up my method for storing wrapping paper...somebody stop me! I'm on a roll! Next on the list? Kitchen reorganization, for sure, as well as cleaning out the guest bedroom closets and culling out my recipes. Maybe since I am writing about it I won't lose steam and actually finish the spring cleaning early. I thought about taking pictures before and after, but I decided I just couldn't handle you seeing how bad my closet and bathroom cabinet had gotten! So here's to spring cleaning in January, a fresh start in the house, and less work for me when March rolls around!


Kim and Eric said...

You are inspiring me so much with all of your cleaning! And praising God about Luke too! What a huge blessing and answer to prayer!

Lindsay said...

Sounds like my kind of fun! I'm glad you've been inspired...keep it up!

Cindy said...

I am plum worn out! I had considered straightening a book shelf,but after reading your post, I'm pooped! Great job!

Katie said...

I LOVE the Container Store! We don't have one in AR....which is probably a good thing!

cdj said...

Oh my goodness...I need you to come to my house! I wish I could find that energy! Thanks for the sweet comment on my last post.

Carly O'Quinn said...

Oh, Laura...Can you come right over to my house?

I'm totally nesting but my 9 month pregnant body just won't afford me the energy or the bending, climbing and hauling it would take to organize my house.

I'll have to call you in the Spring for ideas when I can actually get up off of the floor in less than 5 minutes!

M&M said...

I was feeling the antsiness of spring cleaning yesterday! Still trying to decide what needs to be moved where to better fit and what just plain needs to be gotten rid of. Want to help?

laura said...

Of course! Just tell me when, friend! If it is anywhere near as much fun as we had looking for pj pants, you can count me in! :)

Jaclyn said...


I CANNOT believe I just stumbled upon your blog. What Fun!!!! I clicked on Neal and Lindsay's as well and Luke is just precious!
Well, I am glad I found you, I will be back for visits!
We need to all get together sometime!!!

Jaclyn Underwood