Wednesday, June 11, 2008

San Francisco/Monterey

We were blessed to have more time with my brother as we toured San Francisco.  We walked around Pier 39, grabbed some great clam chowder, stared at Alcatraz and laughed at the seals (which were a bit stinky).
After lunch we made our way to the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory and indulged in a giant sundae...Adam wanted caramel, and I wanted a banana split, so we settled on hot fudge.  :)
My sweet-aholic...less than 5 minutes after our gigantic sundae, my sweetie had to have a cupcake from Kara's Cupcakes, a bakery specializing in cupcakes made from organic ingredients.  Can we say kid in a candy store?
We spent a little bit of time walking around the stores downtown...I had to get a pic of the three-story Williams Sonoma!  Amanda, my dear cook-of-a-friend, this one is for you!  How I wished you were there to look around with me...I only stayed a minute or two because the boys weren't nearly as interested.  I could hear beautiful voices singing as I walked into this wonderland!  Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah!  (Hallelujah chorus, Handel's Messiah, written 1741, am I making you music history buff's proud?!?!)
Our last day we drove around Monterey.  We started with a trip to the aquarium, which was incredible.  My brother used to read about this aquarium as a child, and now he has a student pass that allows him to visit whenever he wants.  We had a blast looking at the huge fish.
Then it was off to drive on Highway 1 and see the beach!  Did I mention Adam was sick?  The last day of our trip he woke up with a sore that night he had a fever and chills.  Poor baby.  He was such a trooper, standing on the cold beach with me!  You are the best! 
Last week we had a wonderful visit with our nephews and Adam's side of the family--I will post about that soon.  Right now we are in Chicago for a music conference at Willowcreek.  We are having a good time, but I am ready to get back to my little four-legged snuggle-muffin!  I miss her so and am ready to not leave her again for a long time!


M&M said...

Wow--more fun!
I wouldn't have stayed in Williams Sonoma long either for fear that I would have been far too tempted! (I love those kind of stores!) :)
That aquarium looks like such fun--I love the wall of water!!!
I sure hope you are feeling OK after the kiss in the last picture--you had just shared that Adam was sick while you went to the beach in the paragraph above the picture--:)

Kim and Eric said...

Love me some Ghiradelli chocolate ice cream! So glad that y'all were able to get away and have fun together!

Mike & Suzi :) said...

I think we would have been in that Williams Sonoma forever because we both have to look at every little thing!

Amanda said...

Mama! You've got to let me know when you go to Chicago. Not only are we only 3.5 hours away, Chris and I were there the last two days (the 13 and 14th)!!! What the crap, we could have seen you guys!

Nick & Alia Gonzales said...

criminal to have that much fun! Just kidding, you guys totally deserved that and so much more. It looks like you had an awesome time! Beautiful pics of beautiful people! Love, Nick & Alia

Amanda McMaster said...

Ok, now that I'm over that you were in Chicago (I'm totally lying to myself hoping the lies become truth), Chris was totally jealous you guys got to go to the aquarium (he loves them) and I would have squealed with you had I been at the Williams Sonoma! Awesome!