Monday, September 01, 2008

You Are Never Ready

Are we ever ready to lose someone we love?  I have pondered this question for the last few months, as I watched our precious friend and mentor, Dick Hill, walk his sweet wife Dot home.

And my answer is no.

We are never "ready" to say goodbye.  No matter how long we have to "prepare," the loss of someone we love is truly impossible to imagine until it happens.

And it stinks.

For 8 years Dot struggled with an illness, yet never complained.  Her faith and trust in the Lord remained strong.  She stood by her husband in the ministry despite constant setbacks in her health.  Her eyes were always on the Lord, never on herself or her situation.  I never heard her ask "why me?"  I only saw her and Dick seek ways to glorify God through their trial.

Their love was incredible.  Awe-inspiring.  He died to self to be with her, hold her, take care of her.  She cared for him by encouraging him, never complaining about his busy hours at the church, always reaching out to congregation members.

I will forever cherish my conversations with Dot.  She gave me wonderful advice on how to be a minister's wife, how to balance personal life with the church, how to prioritize my marriage over all else, second only to God, how to trust the Lord in ALL circumstances and worship Him at all times...

Despite the suffering and loss, it is times like these when we see Jesus more clearly.  When we realize His promises are real, and because of Him, Dot is more alive than ever, worshiping her Savior.  We cling to that truth.

Please pray for the Hill family.  Pray for Dick (husband), Ashley and Alison (daughters) and their families, for peace and strength during this time.


Amanda McMaster said...

Oh mama, you're so sweet. Your tender heart always challenges me to be more sensitive to the Lord and those around me. I love you, and thanks for this sweet commentary on Dot.

garrysusanwilson said...

Laura, you sang so beautifully Sunday morning. You touched my heart, and the two women who sat beside me (my daughter-in-law Loy and my boss Sara) - we all reached for our kleenex. Thank you for such a beautiful and meaningfully delivered song about Jesus Christ and how He is who our eyes need to be on and our praise given to. I was in awe of how you could deliver such a composed performance in light of just having found out about Dot's death. Only through the strength of the Lord. Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ. I know He is going to bless you and Adam beyond your wishes.

Our Pages said...

You may not remember me, but I was at the Women's Ministry retreat you guys led worship at in Keller, TX with FBC Keller.

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