Thursday, February 08, 2007

Out of My League?!?!

I experienced a first as a minister's wife tonight. For the first time since we have been at the church, all of the pastor's wives got together to honor our new pastor's wife, Beverly. *After a 2 year search, we finally have a head pastor as of a month ago and he is amazing! More about that in another blog!* Anyway, initially I was a little intimidated at the thought of hanging out with these amazing women, most of whom I never see and barely know, and then freaked out when I found out we were supposed to share a "nugget of wisdom" with our pastor's wife to encourage her. Me? Share a nugget of wisdom with essentially my husband's boss's wife? Shouldn't she be sharing a nugget with us? Who am I to try to give advice?

We had dinner together (since we are at a large church, there were 15 of us total) and it was nice to talk and of course, eat. Then came the long-awaited sharing time. We sat in the living room and each shared who we were married to, what their job was, how long we were at the church, and our nugget. We all relaxed when we realized that we were all nervous about our "nuggets," and soon jokes were intermixed with tears about the ministry and how much we loved our husbands. I was humbled when I realized that we were all coming from the same place and just needed to let our hair down together. What a blessing. I went in a bit nervous and stressed and came out refreshed and blessed. I love how God does that!

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