Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Special Focus For 30 Days...

I love February. January kind of depresses me, with the holidays ending and then going back to school. The dark, gray weather doesn't help either, although I actually like that part. Anyway, back to February. It used to be just another month, but 6 years ago, I had a special first Valentine's date with the sweetest man I would ever meet. Yep, my first date with Adam was on Valentine's Day! I had classes until 8:00 that night, so he brought me a roast his mom made, rice and green beans, and we had a home-made meal in my dorm room together. Then we watched Ed, and held hands for the first time...I melted! I never would have guessed that 10 months later he would propose!

All that to say, I thought February would be a great month to do the 30 day husband challenge. I did this 3 years ago or so, and it was amazing how it refocused me on my husband and challenged me to lift him up rather than "relax my mouth" and always let my complaints flow out. I always thought I was so positive at home, but when I realized how much I had to catch my tongue, it really hit me that I was becoming a negative Nilly! You see, the number one rule to the challenge is that you cannot say anything negative to your husband about him or to others about him. It has a little thing to focus on everyday, which I love. Today, for example, is the day to thank him for picking you to be his wife. I know, it sounds cheesy, but just check out the website. Also, try to make it a point to not tell him what you are doing. Adam actually figured it out after a couple of weeks, and said I had made him feel more special than usual.
I'm excited about focusing my energy on making him feel special this month!

I'm excited to hear if you to try it and what you think!


Nicki W. said...

i remember this! it is always nice for women to be reminded of this, b/c let's be honest...we are the complaining gender. brent and i made a vow when we got married that we would never bad mouth eachother to our friends, co-workers, family, etc. it fuels the fire and focuses on what most of the time are silly little complaints and gripes. thanks for sharing this! i know how much you adore your little watson!
on a side note...i hearted ED so much! that was some really good tv!!

laura said...

Yeah, Ed was good, wasn't it? We were sad when it was gone. :( Adam and I made the same promise you guys did--to NEVER bad mouth each other to anyone. It really helps us honor one another and feel safe in the walls of our home. But I'm with you--I still tend to complain too much to him, and this helps me realize that!