Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Check This Out!

A guy I knew in middle school and high school is starring in this new show on ABC! His name is Matthew Bomer, and he is the character Jay, on the far left. We have been watching the show for 2 weeks now, and it comes on every Wednesday night. I'm pretty sure it is just an ABC summer miniseries. How fun! Matt and I went to the same church growing up (his dad is still en elder there, really sweet family) and were in some musicals together in highschool. He was a fun guy with extraordinary talent (all the girls in drama were ga-ga over him), and all of us are freaking out to see that he has gotten his big break! On last week's show, he was in a pretty cool fight scene, and all I could think was, "WOW! He is actually in a sweet fight scene on national television!!" Kind of surreal. Anyways, if you like suspenseful shows, check Traveler out, and root for Matt with us!


lauren said...

How cool! I will have to check it out! This is not as cool, but every once in a while, I'll know someone or know someone who knows someone on a reality show and I always have to watch even then!

Brent said...

brent and i are watching it! wow~i will take mroe interest in it now!


Matt and April said...

ok, wI need a new post so I can comment some more! Thanks for the comments, you are too cute!