Thursday, June 21, 2007

Father's Day and A Piece of Pie

First, let me start with a story about the pie. Last Father's Day I made my dad his favorite pie--Lemon Meringue. It was a Paula Deen recipe and it tasted great...but it came apart as I served it and formed puddles of yellow on everyone's plates. Not very appetizing. My dad said it was the best pie he had ever had and thanked me over and over of the many reasons I adore my father. Anyways, this year I thought I would give it another shot, and voila! It worked! I used a recipe from The Joy Of Cooking (an incredible cook book I highly recommend) and it actually set up! Adam took a pic of it because he knew how excited I was. My dad, once again, said it was the best pie he had ever had. I'm convinced he would have said that if it was burnt, tasteless or soupy again...but I'll say again, one of the many reasons I love him! Pics from our time with my fam last weekend...

Digging into the pie!

Snuggling with Dad

My beautiful, wonderful Mom

My adorable hub! (I just had to throw one in there of Adam!)

I love celebrating Father's Day, because it is such a great excuse to make a fuss over my dad. He is one of the most selfless and caring people I know. Some of the reasons I am crazy about my father...

  • He loves Jesus with all his heart and partnered with my mom in raising us in the the Truth.
  • He adores my mother, and she adores him. They share an incredible love and connection with each other, grounded in Jesus. They still hold hands in church, sneak a kiss in the kitchen, and enjoy just having fun together...I am so thankful for their example of commitment and love.
  • He was the perfect dad of a little girl...he always reminded me that he loved me, and complimented me often. I am thankful that he made me feel so special, even at times when I absolutely hated the way I looked. (Can we say junior high? Amen?!?!)
  • He is one of the quietest people I know, but not without a purpose. He is always observing and taking things in...and at just the right moment, he will say something insightful or funny.
  • He is a snuggler. Some of my best memories with my dad are spent sitting on the couch, just holding his hand. When I was little, I had MAJOR fears of monsters in the closet, and he would sleep with me until I fell asleep. Most of the time he fell asleep first!
  • He is a great example of a godly man. I have him to thank for the husband I have today, if that makes sense. Because of my dad's example, I knew it was possible to have a man who loved God and would be faithful to his family. And God brought Adam into my life!
  • He can do a stinkin' awesome impression of Bullwinkle! Hey, Rocky...

Dad, my list could go on forever. You are truly amazing, and I thank God for all you are in my life. I love you!


Nicki W. said...

so sweet! the pie looks delish, my friend. i must say, i loooove you with long hair. oh my gosh--you look gorgeous! you are definitely a long hair person!

laura said...

Thank you, Nicki! I finally decided to grow it out last year. It's nice to be able to pull it back when I want to!