Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fitness Challenge

Adam and I embarked on a Fitness Challenge with our church on May 1st.  The challenge?  To run or walk 50 miles in May.  May not sound difficult, but when you both work 14-hour days 3 days a week, that makes it a bit challenging...hence the name.  We don't know where the fitness part comes in.  Our clothes already fit now; if we get all healthy, our clothes will stop fitting--go figure.  Anyways, we are almost halfway there, with 24 miles under our belt and 26 more to go.  The bummer is we leave for California in a week, which means we either double up miles this week (eeek!) or commit to working out while on vacation.  Hmmmm.....any suggestions?

Katie, please note my lack of parenthesis in this post, in honor of you.  :)

Honey, I couldn't help but post one of your favorite characters above.  Considering how much I loathe the Simpsons, I hope you appreciate it.  You are much cuter than Homer when you you. :)


Jaime said...

Y'all are doing great!! We are so behind!! But even if we don't finish, at least we've started a good habit, walking/running regularly. Have fun on vacation.

Kim and Eric said...

Way to go! So proud of y'all. Enjoy your time away on your trip! I know that you will have such a wonderful time....y'all deserve it! Love, Kim

Amanda said...

Good job mama! I have got to get back in the gym now that school's over. Have fun with Jeff. Will you get to the beach at all. I bet there will be good food and shopping out there. Love you and miss you!

Nicki W. said...

go running on vacation! you can find new fun stuff on your new route! and fun scenery too!

Katie said...

Laura you're the best-and not just because you didn't use parentheses.

I vote for leisurely walking on the beach, if you go to one, or leisurely walking in and out of cute little shops. I think this totally counts as exercise.

Lindsay said...

I'm with Katie...walking in and out of cute little shops...good exercise!

Mike & Suzi :) said...! :)

M&M said...

can't wait to read your CA trip blog since I am so behind, but just thought I would see how the fitness challenge went (or is finishing up in 2 days). Also,
there was one parenthesis :) (eeek!)
Can't wait to talk soon