Tuesday, May 06, 2008


is what this puppy has brought into our lives the last two weeks. There have been some scary moments as well, but joy threaded through it all. Lyric is finally in the clear as far as her health goes--we were unsure for a while if she would recover from her bronchitis. 4 vet visits (yeah, 4 visits in a week and a half) and two antibiotics later she is cough-free! Thank you, Lord! We can erase pneumonia as a possibility and no longer listen to her pitiful, painful cough. Poor baby.
We have waited 6 years for this puppy, and she was totally worth the wait. She is everything we wanted...smart, snuggly, sweet, friendly, playful...just a treasure to have in our home. I have always been a dog-lover but had no idea how much I would love having one all to myself! Ahhh, the bliss. Some of my favorite things...

  • She follows us around everywhere we go, and loves to lay on our feet when we are working in the kitchen. My heart melts every time she does it.
  • Her favorite toy is a little lamb we call Lambie, who she always carries around with her and loves to squeak. Bunny is a close second. Thanks to her puppy grandmas, she has many toys to carry around and squeak.
  • She is brilliant. Seriously. She has already learned to sit, lay down, kiss, give a high five, go to her bed, get on the towel (especially nice for rainy days) and is learning to roll over. Oh, and she is potty trained too. YES! I am convinced that by the time she is 12 weeks she will know the entire alphabet and be able to cook as well.
  • Her favorite treat (recommended by the breeder) is Honey Nut Cheerios. Mommy and Daddy are very grateful for her cheap (and necessarily so) taste. Way to go, Lyric! You are a ministry pup through and through!
  • She has the cutest little puppy face we have ever seen, and she knows how to work those precious green puppy eyes when she has done something wrong.
  • She is a snuggler. She especially loves to snuggle after bath time, or before we put her in her kennel for the night. We have a routine...let her out, snuggle, put her to bed. If you know Adam and I well, you know we are snugglers...she fits right in, and we love it.One of her favorite things is to be rocked in our arms like a baby while we rub her little belly.
  • She has a special love for her daddy's socks, and frequently sneaks them when I am in the laundry room. Yes, it is naughty, but still pretty stinkin' cute. This is only a real problem when she chomps into the socks while daddy is still wearing them.
  • Every morning I let her out and feed her before Adam gets up (he takes the middle of the night shift, so I am happy to wake up before him!!). After she eats she goes and sits outside our bedroom door waiting for him to come out. It is so precious.
  • She has the softest fur, and it fluffs up after her bath making her look like a little puff ball. He hair sticks up on her head, and we enjoy laughing at her and her little mohawk. If you saw our Christmas card 2 years ago, then you know like daddy like daughter.
  • We (ok, me) already have nicknames for her. Liri, Lili, Lyrical...my favorite is when she is in trouble and I use her entire name in a serious voice, "Lyric Melody Watson!!" Yes, her middle name is Melody. Come on, we couldn't resist!
  • She looks like a little wet rat when we bath her. It is hilarious how she puffs right up afterwards.
Snuggle time after her bath

The post-bath mini mohawk :)


Mike & Suzi :) said...

Sooo Cute! Especially the bathtub picture! I wish our dog would play with toys.

Amanda said...

So I hope she likes me when she meets me. I'm already a little concerned she won't part ways with you while I'm there. How is she with guests? That's one thing you didn't mention.

Jaime said...

I'm so glad to hear Lyric's cough is gone. She is super cute...I personally love the bath picture...adorable.

Chris & Bethany said...

She is adorable!

a cowgirl at heart said...

Oh, there is just nothing like the love of a puppy! Yay! She is precious, too! What kind is she?

The Haffner's said...

That little thing is the cutest thing ever! I had a cockerpoo when I was little and she was the best puppy!! This makes me want one again...but it might be a little much with a 7 week old! Hope you guys are doing great!!!

laura said...

Amanda, she is great with people, and she can't wait to meet her Auntie Filbert! She has played with everyone who has met her so far, and told me that she can't wait to meet my best friend who will gallop with us around the room. Yes, I gallop with Lyric. Are you surprised? I MISS YOU and am so ready for us to hang out together. Why don't you just come live with me this summer?

Charla, she is a cockapoo, a mix between a cockerspaniel and a poodle. "They" say mixing the two breeds gets rid of the aggressiveness of the cocker and keeps the intellect of the poodle. Also, b/c of the poodle she does not shed, which is extremely helpful with my husband's allergies. She is just as sweet as can be! My little angel. :)

Bethany said...

What a little cutie!!! I'm so glad she's over her sickness!!

M&M said...

She is just adorable! I hope she never gets too big to cuddle like a babe in arms!