Saturday, March 24, 2007

Ok, What's Next?

"O Lord, you are the portion of my inheritance and my cup;
You maintain my lot."
---Psalm 16:5---

This is an excerpt from a book I was reading this morning that really encouraged me...

"In my own pictorial view of seeking God's will I see a rushing stream in the mountains or fields, with stones big enough to put a foot on to cross. I picture God showing me on stone big enough to start across on, and then one stone on which to put my foot next. And then the waters whirl around, and I am to stay where I am, on that particular stone, until He shows me the next step. To rush ahead on my own would be disastrous...It is a warning to watch out for impatience in wanting to "get on with it," whatever "it" happens to be. God tells us that to be in a fog, a dark place, to have no clue of what comes next, is to be in a place where we need to trust Him and keep our hand in His hand, waiting for Him to show us where to go or what to do next...
All right--you and I often want to know, "What comes next?" God is saying, "Trust Me." He is saying, "Stay in the place where you are until I show you [in a variety of ways, usually not mystical at all] what comes next." He is saying, "Blessed is the person who waits in the dark, holding My hand." (Edith Schaeffer, Common Sense Christian Living)

This devo summarized our life so well right now. I love how she says God will lead us, and not in some "mystical" way. Adam and I believe that God gave us His word, prayer, and brains to discern His will. Not that miraculous things do not occur, but I think most times the answer we are looking for is right there in scripture, and we are searching in vain, looking everywhere else to find it. And sometimes that answer is simply "no" or "wait". We have been in a place of searching for the next thing, both in our professional lives (although NO, we are NOT looking to leave our church, we love it and Adam loves his job there!) and personal lives. We have been asking, "God, what is next? What do you have for us?" And we have been resting in the place of feeling like we do not know anything, except that God is faithful, and His Word is true, which actually, is knowing everything. I love Wayne's song that says "I'd rather walk through the darkness with Jesus, than walk in the light alone." I am willing to wait, Lord, wait for Your perfect plan to unfold. And we cherish this time in the unknown, because you are with us.


A Konzelman said...
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A Konzelman said...


I really enjoyed that little excerpt. Applies to Aaron and I and our life at the moment. Thank you for your words and scripture...they have encouraged me today.

Amanda :)