Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Girl Time is Divine!

(Above--mom and I celebrating our b-days together and hamming it up in Nov)
Ah yes, the importance of girl time in my life is all too often forgotten. With our busy schedule, my rare free moments are spent with my precious hub (which I love!), so time with the gals is all too rare. Except for last night...I enjoy having girl time with friends, and I also love just hanging with my mom. For the first time since we moved here, my mom and I had a girls night all to ourselves. Adam left town for a ministers' retreat, and my dad traveled off shore for his job, so it left just the two of us! We had a ball. Because I have choir on Monday evenings, we met up for an early dinner, ate way too much, and topped it off with Starbucks. I'm surprised I didn't fall asleep in the middle of choir! Once I got back home, she spoiled me with a luxurious bath and we laughed our heads off about random things. We then went to bed (I took my dad's place so I didn't sleep alone!) and I found out this morning that Adam isn't the only one who claims I am a cover-steeler (oops, sorry guys!) To top if off, she correctly assumed that I didn't take my lunch to work today because I wasn't home last night, and surprised me with lunch (and another Starbucks, ahhh, the joy!). Wow, what a treat. I have learned to embrace the moments I have with my mom...it may sound negative, but we don't know when God may decide to take any of us home. Also, in the ministry we don't know when He might move us away from Houston! I have decided to savor these moments with our parents nearby. Mom, I love you! Thanks for being you. I cherish our time together. You are amazing.

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