Sunday, March 04, 2007

Still Embarrassed....

A really embarrassing thing happened to me this weekend. You know how sometimes people will ask you to share your most embarrassing moment? This one definitely takes the cake for me.
Adam and I led worship for a marriage conference at our church yesterday. There were 4 different sessions, and we led some songs before each one. I was really excited to sing with my sweetie; we love having the opportunity to sing together and dream of doing it more often. We have sung at weddings, youth services and camps, and have talked about wanting to sing at marriage conferences, but this was our first time to do one. Since we had yet to do a marriage conference before, I had no clue what to wear. I knew people coming would be in anything from sweats and jeans to nice outfits, and I figured since we were on stage we should look nice, but not overly nice. My sweet hub sensed my stress and took me shopping Friday night to find the perfect outfit: a pair of dressy jeans and a cute top. Perfect...nice, but not too nice. What a relief--I had found something to wear!
The first session went smoothly, and as my morning coffee hit me, I raced to the bathroom before it was time for us to sing again. I made it back in time, we sang again, and then sat down to listen to the speaker. I grabbed my notes to begin writing, and noticed that the front of my new jeans had a hole in, not a guessed it, I had left my fly undone!! In my hurry to get back, I totally forgot to zip my pants, and then proceeded to lead worship with my fly open! I was horrified, to say the least. I asked a fellow pastor's wife if she noticed and she insisted no one did, but I can't help but wonder who saw my fly open! I am still embarrassed just thinking about it. I can honestly say that I have never left my fly open in public. Leave it to me to do it for the first time on stage in front of a crowd of people from our church!
I finally started to laugh, and I cracked up at the thought of the Lord saying to me, "It's not about what you wear, Laura. It's about making sure your pants are zipped and you aren't flashing everyone." Ahhh, yes...I will double check my zipper from now on! And maybe not stress as much about what to wear?!?!


Cindy said...

You were beautiful, you and Adam were amazing together (I surprised myself by crying when the two of you sang that incredible song he wrote) and the only thing I noticed about your jeans was how cute they were. Loved them.

Brent said...

classic! i love it! it sounds like something i would do and not you--at least it was not toilet paper on the shoe or out the pants!