Sunday, April 22, 2007

Dreaming of Summer... is just around the corner! I got tired of seeing my Dove lotion on my blog, and decided to post about something else. This week has been pretty uneventful, and all I can think about it that summer is only 5 weeks away! 5 weeks until freedom--I can't wait! I love summer for so many reasons...

1. The fresh fruits and veggies are delicious and in season, which means they cost less at the grocery store!

2. When we are in town, I have time to cook more and try out new recipes.

3. I never have time to do spring cleaning with school and our annual mission trip, so I'm looking forward to summer cleaning...those who know me well know that I find cleaning to be very therapeutic, especially when I have the time to do a good deep scrubbing. I'm most looking forward to organizing my kitchen!

4. Visiting family...we are planning on seeing some family this summer, and I just love catching up and spending time with them.

5. Our anniversary! We were married on June 22nd, so June remains my favorite month of the year, even with the heat. This year is the big 5, so we are planning on doing something really special.

6. Cold treats. I always feel that it is necessary to dive in to ice cream and snow cones during the hot summer months, more so than usual. Bring on the sugar!

7. Camps, camps and more camps! Adam and I have prayed about leading worship at camps together since we got married. We have been able to do one or two every summer, but this summer we are completely booked in July with three camps and a mission trip. I am so pumped! I feel like we are watching a dream come true.

8. My best friend Amanda and her husband Chris are coming to stay with us. Although we will be gone quite a bit in July, I can't wait to spend quality time with her when we are here. We have been best friends since I was in 3rd grade (our 20 year anniversary is coming up next year) and I love spending time with her...they are family to us. Here's to the 3rd annual McMaster/Watson Summer Retreat!!!!

9. Swimming. I have to admit, I have not taken advantage of our neighborhood pool since we moved here. I am dead-set on enjoying it this summer!

10. Visiting my friends...I have a lot of friends who have become mommies in the past year, and I am dying to see them and meet their children. I'm hoping we can find a way to do that this summer.

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