Sunday, April 08, 2007

Might I Suggest...

...this fabulous tanning lotion?!?! I have never tried self-tanners before because I was afraid of the end result (you know, orange, blotchy, darker areas and lighter areas with uneven application). However, with all the information on skin cancer and wrinkles, I have decided to say "No!" to looking like a raisin at 50 and having surgery done on my skin because I had to tan and got skin cancer (a dear friend of mine just had a patch removed from her face). Don't get me wrong, I am not saying "No!" to time outside. Those who know me well know my time on our swing in the backyard or outside by our lake truly revives my soul, and I believe the sun is good for us, in ration. In fact, I don't know what I would do without it! Yet I admit, although I do not want to fry my epidermis, I do long to have a healthy summer glow, even in the early spring when I pull out my bermuda shorts, skirts and capris. This self-tanner beckoned to me because it was "subtle" and takes a week to show a huge difference. Also, I LOVE Dove's Real Beauty campaign. Bring it on, ladies...that's right, real beauty is on the inside, and how God created you on the outside, not how we feel we have to make ourselves look. Be proud of your curves, gray hair, and cellulite! Anyways, so I thought, why not? Here are my results after a week and reasons why I like it SO much:
1. It truly is gradual. Every day I noticed my skin getting slightly darker, but nothing too substantial or scary. I liked feeling like I could stop it any day and not have too much damage done if I didn't like the results.
2. It is a great moisturizer. Light and soothing. One of the ads is "tan while you moisturize" and it's true!
3. It smells nice and clean--not too strong. I feel clean and rejuvenated! I have bad allergies to many smells, but this one is great. No sneezing here!!
4. I have heard that self-tanners can be sticky, and this one is not at all. It dries within 5 minutes, and you are good to go!
5. Indeed, I have a tan now, and it is not orange! Adam said he noticed a difference, and it looks natural, too.
6. It was one of the cheapest self-tanners. Yeah, Dove! Some of them were as much as $20.00 (like I am going to pay that for something I might not even like!) and this one was around $7.00.
7. It comes with a facial tanner as well. I have been unable to find it, but when I do, you better believe it will be on my face!
8. You can choose your type, either "fair skin" or "medium skin." I picked "fair" because I didn't want anything too dark, and even with the "fair" type I have seen a difference.
Well, there's my analysis of this fabulous product. I wish I had taken before and after pics! Oh well, maybe next time. Happy Tanning!!

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