Friday, May 11, 2007


We had an amazing storm hit our area last night. It went from a light, bright day to a dark, ominous stormy one in a matter of 5 minutes. I have been ill this week, and my mother-in-law, Lynn, had brought us some dinner. We sat together watching T.V. when a flash of light ran across our living room/television! It was mix of red and white--truly amazing and freaky at the same time. Our T.V. flashed off and on (we are surprised it is not fried!) and our alarm system went off. Nothing we could do would shut off the alarm, and it is loud! We finally reached someone from our security provider, and they are working on fixing it today since the system appears to be baked. I am thankful that nothing else in our house was ruined (our computer was plugged in at the time but it is OK) and that the hail missed us, too. What a night!

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