Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Best Birthday Ever...

Well, I will warn you in advance, I am about to share a lot of cheesy things about my husband and what he did for me this weekend. So, you are warned!

As long as we have been married, there has always been something that conflicted with my birthday (Nov 14th). Whether it was something for school (Baylor) or something at church, every year we have gone with the flow and had a celebration that fit in with the schedule. This year Adam said he was determined to go above and beyond, and wow, did he ever! He wouldn't tell me what we were doing, and concerned about finances (we just re-did our budget and don't have room for much entertaining or gift giving) I told him not to spend money on anything big. He promised he wouldn't, and he didn' fact, he used his own birthday money that family had given him to take me away for the weekend! I was humbled and thrilled. He had me take off work Friday and we went to a hotel downtown, shopped at the Galleria for an afternoon, saw a movie (by the way, Stranger Than Fiction is really good and very creative!) had a romantic dinner Friday night, slept in this morning and just got back home. What a treat! I never understood why people loved to go away for a night, but now it all makes sense. We were only 45 minutes away from home, but it felt like a vacation! I highly recommend it!

Unfortunately, our car battery died today while we were out shopping, and now that we have gotten it home, Adam is outside figuring out why it is not staying charged. So I guess it is back to reality...but we are much more refreshed facing it!


Anonymous said...

One of my best friends, Kelly, did makeup at the CMA's with another friend, Colleen. Colleen was backstage when Faith did her "thing". She said that Faith really was joking and really did not know that the camera was on. It was a stand alone camera, no camera guy. From everything I've seen and heard of FH, I tend to believe that it was a joke and that it was unfortunate that millions of people happened to see it. How many times have you made an off hand comment in front of the wrong people and it's come back to haunt you? I'm with Laura - the media needs to give it a break...and really does it matter all that much???

Nicki W. said...

what a wonderful guy! i still think of you and adam and your romance and smile--you two are precious!