Friday, November 03, 2006

Cold Nights and Gumbo!

Mmmm...there's nothing like staying home on a cold night and smelling homemade gumbo in the kitchen! I have been reminded the past two years that cold nights are rare in Houston. I guess living in Dallas and Waco spoiled me, because we actually had seasons! I can count on two hands the times I was able to actually wear a sweater last year. Last night it slowly got colder, and I woke up freezing this morning--I love that! The weather man just said it should be even colder tonight, so we are cranking up the fireplace and snuggling with warm bowls of my first batch of gumbo this year. It is delish, economical and very easy! The only thing is it requires some chopping (I always double it and make myself chicken and Adam sausage) and it simmers for 3 hours, but boy, is it worth it! Also, I use a venison and pork sausage to cut down on the fat, and Adam loves it. Of course, I got the recipe on food network, so you can check it out at,,FOOD_9936_32898,00.html?rsrc=search I have never tried an Emeril recipe that I didn't like! Who knows, maybe Emeril and I will cook together in my dreams tonight, ha!

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