Sunday, November 05, 2006

Why I Love Fall...

I realized my last three posts were only about food, and decided it was time to write about something else!

I just love this time of year...I probably say that about every season, but really, fall just touches a special warm place in my heart! Here's just a few of the reasons I love the fall...

  • The colors of fall are so warm and inviting...even though our leaves don't change right away, I love seeing all the fall decor in stores, on houses and in our school!
  • The time change. Even though it throws me, I love waking up to light and settling down earlier in the evenings with my hub. And who doesn't like gaining an hour in our crazy busy culture?
  • Our birthdays are in the fall (Adam is late August and I am mid-November), so lots of celebrating!
  • The birds. When we lived in Waco, thousands of blackbirds came to town and hung out everywhere. I thought it was the neatest thing to see! I loved to drive around at dusk and just look at them, sitting side by side on the power lines. We have a few here, but not nearly as many as Waco.
  • Thanksgiving. The food, family, time away from work...time to just enjoy each other and of course, be thankful!
  • The smells of fall. I love to pull out all of my fall candles. Right now I am brewing our first batch of spiced tea, and our house smells so good. I can't wait to surprise Adam with it when he gets home from church tonight!
  • Sweater weather. Ok, maybe it is only one or two days out of the month, but that's better than nothing!
  • The first fire in the fireplace. I may be a hopeless romantic, but I just love those fires!
  • Fall food. We love to feast on chili, soups, gumbo, cider, spiced cookies and breads...yum!
  • Pumpkin flavored anything. I love Starbuck's pumpkin spice latte, and we love pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, etc.
  • Our church's Christmas production. Granted it is the busiest time of the year for us (right up there with youth stuff in the summer), but we love celebrating the season and getting ready for our production every year. There's something special about the rehearsals, late nights and preparation that goes into it all. It is such a great outreach to our community, and so much fun!
  • Knowing Christmas is right around the corner! (And 2 weeks off of school, yeah!)

Well, I'm off to make my first batch of caramel popcorn (thanks Nicki for that suggestion!) and sip some of that tea...


Nicki W. said...

i am so glad to hear you love the blackbirds in waco! haha! they are creepy to me, but i have a fear of birds. cr--e--e--py!

laura said...

Yeah, it's funny, there's just something about them that fascinates me! Oh, and the caramel popcorn was AMAZING!!

Katie said...

I am re-reading some of your earliest posts

1. Because I am dorky like that
B. Because I feel like I know you better no

and I just have to say that the Waco birds were always quite disturbing and odd--especially when you were walking on campus and they would fly overhead. The sky would go black and I would worry about getting covered in scary bird poo. The only thing worse than the birds was possibly in August when all the crickets would die and you would find them at every door, nook and cranny, stinking the place up!

Katie said...

and then the "w" that should be at the end of the word "no" to make the word "now" disappears. Grr.