Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Birthday Girl!

Today is Lyric's 2nd birthday!  I can't believe we have had this precious pup for 2 years.  She is such a hoot...we never tire of her snuggles, kisses and hilarious expressions.  The three of us have  so much fun.  My nephew Sam described us well this past summer when he said "Uncle Adam, Aunt Laura, and Lyric...they're a funny little family."  That pretty much sums it up!  I have always loved watching her play with our nephews when they are in town.  She has kissed away many tears the last couple of years and made us smile everyday; I can't wait to see her with the babies!

Sweet puppy face after her first bath

First snuggles the day we met!

Hugs from Aunt Amanda in October...Lyric's hair was super long and we couldn't help but see what she looked like with a bow in it!  Such a patient dog!  We had lots of good laughs that night...

Giving Adam a cookie bouquet for Father's Day this past year.  Ok, maybe it is over the top, but it was a great excuse to get my man some yummy cookies!
When Adam gets home in a little bit we are going to give her a ridiculously large rawhide and watch as she attempts to chow down on it.  Happy Birthday, Lyric Melody!  Thanks for making us laugh and adding so much joy to our lives!

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Erica said...

Okay, Miss Mama. WHAT A TEASE!!! With a subject line like "Our Birthday Girl" and knowing how pregnant you are?!?!? I got SO Excited. I mean, I'm excited about Lyric's birthday, too, but still! ;)